Gilded Age Records now on Facebook

For those of you that haven't heard, Gilded Age Records is a community of artists that share a common bond of old world influence in their music. From Steampunk, Cabaret, Swing, Neo-Classical, Martial-Industrial, and everything in between. We currently feature forty international artists all bearing unique styles and sounds.

And now you can follow all of our artists via our new Facebook group.

The main site is located at: and our MySpace with a free mp3 player is at:

Free Compilation: Like Tears in Rain (Sci-Fi Noir)

I made this compilation to promote our Blade Runner-esque themed night at my club Shadow Society. The comp consists of a mixture of dark atmospheric Industrial/EBM*, Analog Synths, and some film scores.

*This isn't Industrial like the four on the floor futurepop you hear in clubs. This is a lot darker, and much more cinematic.

Download Here: "Like Tears in Rain - A Tribute to Sci-Fi Noir"
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New compilation: We Can Be Brave Again - 80's New Wave/Alternative Guitar Anthems

This is a compilation of bands that all have a really big anthemetic guitar style. It's a mixture of more well known bands (Simple Minds, Big Country, U2, The Alarm, etc.) and more obscure artists as well. The album art is supposed to feel like some cheesy mid-80's band in the style.

Download Here: We Can Be Brave Again - 80's Big Guitar Anthems
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Behold the Machine is finished, and for a limited time, free to download!!

Hello all,

Vernian Process is proud to announce the pre-release version of our album "Behold the Machine". Featuring 14 tracks of Steamwave goodness. At this time, the album will only be available in digital download format but the download is free. The pre-release mix will differ only in a few minor ways from the final mix. For one, we haven't completely mastered the album, and a few songs need some minor tweaks to sound the way we intended them to. But other than that, this is pretty damn close to what the final album is going to sound like.

Download Here!!

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New club starting in January

James (Death Boy), and I will be starting a new night at The Elbo Room in January called "Dressed in Black". Essentially it will be a dark music club that focuses on music from the last 60 years. Though we will dabble a bit in the 20's-40's as well from time to time.

For those of you that care, the flier features The Shangri-Las and Depeche Mode, who both happen to have songs called "Dressed in Black".

Help our guitarist out of a jam?

I know I posted one of these before for Cat and I. So I would never ask for help again like this for my self, but this is for our guitarist, and his family.

Basically we had the windshield on our rental van get cracked while the car was parked in New Orleans. The charges are over $600 to repair. Leaving Martin and his family completely broke and unable to pay their rent and bills this month. To make matters worse Martin has been out of work since this Summer, and is having a hell of a time finding a job right now.

We all took a big financial hit from this tour, but Martin and his family are feeling it the worse.